Biyokur Set Against Hair Loss (Serum + Shampoo)

Products Specifications

  • Biokur serum prevents hair loss by strengthening weak hair roots.
  • It strengthens not dead hair follicles and thickens, revives hair fibers.
  • Used for hair care, healthy hair formation, loss prevention.
  • After bathing applying to damp hair prevents breakage by strengthening scalp.
  • With the menthol in it, it helps to increase blood circulation.
  • Due to bioactive molecules, ethylpanthenol, inositol, amino acids that are rich in sulfur like acetyl cysteine, acetyl methionine, herbal extracts, biotin and vitamins, it revives the scalp.
  • It contributes to hair to come out by strengthening hair cells, speeding up protein biosynthesis.
  • For effective results use of serum with shampoo is recommended.
  • While shampoo opens pores of scalp and cleans hair, serum stimulates cells to penetrate the pores and nourishes hair.






















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